Dog Training

Training is a vital aspect of any dog’s life. Not only will it make your life easier, it also provides your pet with mental and physical stimulation. Here are five reasons why you should train your dog.

Create a Closer Bond

Dog training is a learning process for both the dog and the owner. Dogs, like their cousins the wolves, are pack animals. This means that they naturally seek a leader. If you do not establish yourself as the leader of the pack, the dog may assume itself as the leader. In contrast, if you show yourself to be a leader, they will respect and follow you.

Spend More Time Together

Behavioral lessons can be fun since they allow you to spend extra time with your pet. It provides the dog with the opportunity to please you, which makes them happy. You also get to learn about your dog’s abilities, quirks, and other characteristics. Not all dogs have equal abilities, so it is important to know the limits of your pet.

Create a Social Pet

A trained dog is a lot more fun to have around friends or other family members. You can easily take it on hiking adventures, a walk in the park, to the beach, camping, or town trips. These trips are virtually impossible if you have an untrained dog that will run around barking and chasing people. A dog that responds to commands and stays near its owner will be accepted almost anywhere.

Remove Annoying Behaviors

Some of the most annoying things a dog can do are chewing on shoes, soiling the house, digging up the garden, and barking or jumping on visitors. Unfortunately, these things are in-bred characteristics that can only be eliminated by proper training. As mentioned earlier, you get to call the shots if you are the pack leader. Canine behavioural problems are often the result of power struggles or insecurity.

Training your dog can also provide variety and richness to a dog’s life, which reduces boredom. A dog that has a lot to do is far less likely to chew on your shoes or poke around in the garbage. An exercised and well trained dog is also happier on a day to day basis.

Prevent Serious Accidents

In the most extreme circumstances, your dog may one day slip out of its collar and go dashing onto a busy street. Worse yet, it may come loose and bite another person. In this case, training can save the life of your pet.