Canine Training

Dogs are a lot like kids. They need to be trained to learn what behaviors are acceptable or not. K9 training is also a great way to teach your canine new tricks or respond to orders. There are schools and institutions that offer paid training or lessons. If you have the time and the patience, you can also try training your dog on your own. Here are a few simple tips to get you started with training your dog.

• Train before meals
A dog is most trainable when he is hungry. Practice tricks or giving commands right before his meal. You can use the treats to make him pay more attention to your commands. If you are putting your dog on a diet or controlling his weight, you can use his dinner as the actual reward.

• Be specific when relaying orders
Training is not just about teaching a dog good or bad behavior. You are also teaching them your language. Using specific phrases will help teach your canine what the terms mean and what you want the dog to do. Avoid saying “Good,” “No” or “Good / bad dog” on their own. Instead, state what actions you approve of or trying to discourage such as “No bite” or “Good sit.”

• Discourage counter surfing
Stealing food from counters, tables and other similar surfaces is a behavior that can be avoided. One tip is by not sharing your food with your dog. This prevents the dog from begging for food. Check your dog’s meals. It is possible that your beloved pup is simply hungry and his dinner is not enough to keep him full until the next meal. Keeping foods stored away and out of reach can also prevent your dog from stealing, especially while you are away or not looking.

Try this tip when you are trying to train your dog against picking food from the counter or table. Attach a leash around your dog’s neck or a harness. Whenever your dog attempts to jump or grab an item from the counter or table, pull on the mutt’s leash and firmly say “No, leave it.” Once you get your mutt to get back on the floor, affirm the right response with a reward such as a treat or physical praise.

• Reduce barking
It is normal for dogs to bark. However, excessive barking can be a problem for you and your neighbors. Perhaps your dog needs a little more attention. Take your mutt for a nice long walk. If you need to be away for a while, keep him inside the house to keep him from being taunted by passing cats or kids.

These are only a handful of simple tips that you can try to train your canine to be more obedient. If nothing else works, try seeking advice from an expert or get him enrolled in a k9 training school. Getting your dog trained as early as possible will instill good behavior and help you enjoy time with your pet more.